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Reforestation is an essential component in the fight against climate change

Over 9 million hectares of land is lost to wildfires globally every year


Unfortunately forest fires are becoming more common, and are burning at higher temperatures for longer periods of time, which means that forests have a reduced chance to recover under natural regenerative processes.


Reforestation is an essential component in the fight against climate change.  Both governments and private sector organizations have made significant pledges towards reforestation targets. Within all the resources that need to be aligned for accomplishment of such goals, seeds availability is a significant bottleneck in the reforestation value chain. 

Our Mission is simple... 

Forest Fire

● reduce reforestation costs and time to field, 

● drive seeds efficient use generating high germination rates, 

● allow rapid intervention in fire affected areas for avoiding topsoil layer loss and erosion

● promote rapid reforestation for generation of carbon credits and support biodiversity development and protection 


Faster Forests TGUs potentially allow a drastic cost reduction on the initial costs of reforestation projects, while allowing an optimized combination of seed species to be deployed in a project. FF TGUs were created for quick response to fire affected areas, and for reforestation projects of difficult access or in inclined topography. 

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