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Faster Forests Inc. (“FF”) is a biotechnology based company in the seed vessel technology space. We have developed a technology to:


● Reduce reforestation costs and time to field. 

● Drive seeds efficient use generating high germination rates. 

● Allow rapid intervention in fire affected areas for protection of top soil layer loss and erosion.


Our Tree Growth Unit, TGU™️ is a double layer water dissolvable container, containing a proprietary nutritional mix and selected seeds. Once exposed to environmental moisture, the inner layer dissolves, exposing the mix and seeds to hydration, starting the germination process. The perforated second layer allows seedling growth and root structure formation while holding the system together for several weeks through rain, wind and other environmental conditions. The TGUs are patented technology of FF. 

Professional Growth

The TGUs are highly customizable as follows:


● The layers for the container may be made with different dissolution time, according to the expected moisture levels for different biomes and seasons.

● The properties of the nutritional mix may be adjusted to different plant species and biomes. 

● The TGUs can carry any seeds or a combination of seeds.

● Tests are underway for use of the TGUs with ground level vegetations like grasses and shrubs.

● The TGUs can vary in size within a range, providing different volumes of nutritional mix. 

● The dissolvable fiber layers and the mix include taste and smell deterrents to avoid predation.

● The TGUs are mechanically manufactured in scale, in short periods of time. 

● They can be deployed by drones.

Faster Forests TGUs are a cost reduction, quick intervention tool for reforestation and land restoration efforts, designed to drive efficient usage of seeds of all species. As a support system for living organisms, the TGUs need to be tested and adjusted to different biomes, climates and species. 


Faster Forests is currently selecting Pilot Programs Partners, for the development of trial projects in USA and Canada. 


Please contact us to learn more about our services and Pilot Programs Partnerships: 

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