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Our Team

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Christian Wiesenthal

Originally an attorney with experience in mergers & acquisitions and post graduations in environmental law in Brazil, Christian has worked extensively for the last few years with startups in the climate technology space. With an intellectual property law background, he supported developing technology platforms for the creation and trading of nature based assets, like carbon, biodiversity and water. He has worked with large scale organic soy agriculture, biofuels and community based, sustainable forestry programs in the Brazilian Amazon. Christian holds a masters degree of environmental sciences and management from UCSB-University of California Santa Barbara. With a background in law, business and science and supporting FF product development journey for several years, Christian is involved in all areas of FF.

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Mr. James is the founding partner and director of Faster Forests Inc.  He has an extensive career involved in business as the VP and later partnership of a mid-cap industrial distribution company in Western Canada spanning over 40 years. He has held numerous director positions in various public companies and non-profit societies in Canada and the USA. With his varied business background, Mr. James brings years of leadership experience and business experience to the Company.  Doug is a Founding Partner at Faster Forest Inc

Doug James

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Wesley is a professional agrologist with over 42 years of industry experience in agriculture and wood sciences. Wes has provided governance, leadership, and vision to many different businesses which has led to significant growth in several different industry sectors and markets. With a strong agricultural background from the University of Alberta’s Agriculture Department, Wes has always been driven to pursue innovation that has a positive impact on the environment. Wes co-founded the only Canadian manufacturer of safe and environmentally friendly wood preservatives and fire retardants and has implemented these technologies globally.

Wes Wall


Throughout his career, Shekaib has built strong teams and maintained a large clientele with consistency, vision and team cohesion. Shekaib has thrived over the last decade due to the leadership, innovative thinking and ability to maintain clear and open communication. Graduating with a focus in Biological Sciences and Chemistry from the University of Alberta, Shekaib has always had a passion for the natural sciences. Shekaib has led the development of multiple disruptive technologies that have been implemented in industry sectors such as wood science and preservation, agroforestry, natural resources, and others.

Shekaib Adab

Norb Headshot.jpg

Throughout his career, Norb has built his success upon strong management, organization, and analytical skills that have influence leaders to define vision, and engage change to improve corporate culture.  Norb is a highly motivated professional with over 30 years experience of owning and operating successful business, both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Throughout his career Norb has run a successful Real Estate company, several venture capital startups and has establish and worked with teams as large as 50 people.  Norb’s strength as a leader is in making sound business decisions. He is known for creating great work environments for employee and management.   Norb is a Founding Partner at Faster Forest Inc ​

Norb Kohler

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Adam spent 15 years in executive level roles inside different organizations. Adam now spends his time investing into companies looking to grow their ideas into patents and saleable products. Adam is a Founding Partner at Faster Forest Inc ​

Adam Wall

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Brandon began his career in the USDA Forest Services and worked for a nationwide tree care company for several years, after which he launched his own holistic arborist company.   He is a licensed Agricultural Pest Control Adviser, Certified Professional Horticulturist, Master Herbalist, holds a diploma in Ecology as well as a Doctorate in an ancillary field. Most recently he graduated from Yale University’s Tropical Reforestation Certificate program and the Municipal Forestry Institute, and serves on the Board of Trustees for Oak Valley College.   Brandon recently founded the Community Forests Council, a non-profit where he works to bridge the world of arborists with the world of urban foresters.

Brandon Elrod

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